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Kevin Wood
CompanyPrimary Focus
HW-Hardware SW-Software SV-Service(s) O-Other
The name starts with a Number
3Com Home Page HWN/A
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The name starts with A
Acer America HWN/A
ACMA ComputersHWN/A
ActiveX Controls for downloadingON/A
Adaptec Main Menu HWN/A
ADI Systems Inc.HWN/A
Adobe Systems Inc.SWN/A
ADTRAN, Inc. Home Page HWN/A
Advanced Gravis TechnologyHWN/A
Advanced Logic Research Inc. HWN/A
AirMedia Live SVN/A
Alps Electric HWN/A
AMD Home Page HWN/A
Amdahl Corporation HWN/A
America OnLineSVN/A
American Megatrends Inc. (AMI)HWN/A
American Power Conversion(APC) HWN/A
Apple Computers HWN/A
Arcada Software Inc.SWN/A
Artisoft Inc.SWN/A
Asante Technologies Inc. HWN/A
Ascend Communications HWN/A
Ascom Timeplex Home Page HWN/A
AST Research HWN/A
ATI Technologies.Inc. HWN/A
Attachmate CorporationSWN/A
Austin Computer Systems HWN/A
Avalan TechnologySWN/A
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The name starts with B
Banyan Home PageSWN/A
Bay Networks HWN/A
Berkeley Systems DesignSWN/A
Blue Sky Software Corp.SWN/A
Boca Research Home Page HWN/A
Boole&Babbage Home PageSWN/A
Borland OnlineSWN/A
Broderbund Software Inc.SWN/A
Brother International HWN/A
BusLogic Inc. Home Page HWN/A
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The name starts with C
Cabletron World Wide Web Server HWN/A
Caere CorporationSWN/A
Caldera Inc.SWN/A
Canon U.S.A., Inc. HWN/A
Cardinal Technologies Home Page. HWN/A
Cheyenne Software Home PageSWN/A
Chipcom Corporation HWN/A
Cisco Systems HWN/A
Citizen America HWN/A
Cogent Data Technologies HWN/A
Compaq Computer Corporation HWN/A
Computer AssociatesSWN/A
Compuware Home PageSWN/A
Conner Home Page HWN/A
Cool java toys and internet tips and toolsON/A
Corel CorporationSWN/A
Creative Labs Home page HWN/A
CyberCash Inc. SVN/A
CyberMedia, Inc.SWN/A
Cybex Corporation HWN/A
Cyrix Home Page HWN/A
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The name starts with D
Data Assist Inc.Home PageSWN/A
Data Race Inc. HWN/A
Day-Timers Inc. Organizer/PIM solutions for PDAsSWN/A
Dayna Home Page HWN/A
Dell Computer Homepage HWN/A
Delrina CorporationSWN/A
Design Intelligence, Incorporated Makers of I Publish SWN/A
Diamond Multimedia Systems HWN/A
DigiBoard Home Page HWN/A
Digital Equipment HWN/A
Digital PC Homepage HWN/A
Downtime CalculatorON/A
DTK ComputerHWN/A
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The name starts with E
Eastman Kodak Company HWN/A
EIZO Formerly Nanao HWN/A
Electronic ArtsSWN/A
Epson Home Page HWN/A
Everex Systems Inc. HWN/A
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The name starts with F
Farallon Home PageSWN/A
First Computer HWN/A
Fore Systems Inc. SWN/A
Frontier Technologies Corp.SWN/A
FTP's WWW Server SVN/A
Fujitsu In North America HWN/A
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The name starts with G
G&A ImagingSV SWNA
Gateway 2000 HWN/A
General MagicSWN/A
GeoSystems Global Corp.
  • MapQuest Web based mapping system for trip planning
  • A site devoted to tracking and combating software viruses
GoldMine SoftwareSWN/A
Grolier InteractiveSVN/A
Gupta Corporation Home PageSWN/A
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The name starts with H
Hayes Online HWN/A
Hercules Computer Technology HWN/A
Hewlett-Packard HWN/A
HiQ Computer SystemsHWN/A
Hitachi HWN/A
Hummingbird Communications.SWN/A
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The name starts with I
IBM Products and Services HWN/A
id SoftwareSWN/A
Information Builders Home Page.SWN/A
Informix WWW Server.SWN/A
Insight Enterprizes HWN/A
Insignia Solutions Home PageSWN/A
Intel HWN/A
Intergraph International Online HW SWN/A
Interleaf Inc.HW SWN/A
InternetWorks Home Page SVN/A
Intrapress Communications LTD Inter- and Intra- net softwareSWN/A
Iomega Home Page HWN/A
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The name starts with K
Kingston Technology Corp. HWN/A
Kyocera HWN/A
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The name starts with L
Labtec Enterprises SWN/A
Lantronix HWN/A
Lasermaster HWN/A
Lawson SoftwareSWN/A
Legato Systems Inc.SWN/A
Lexmark International Inc. HWN/A
Logitech HWN/A
Lotus World Wide Web Server SWN/A
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The name starts with M
Macromedia SWN/A
Madge Networks HWN/A
Mastering ComputersON/A
Maxtor HWN/A
Megahertz HWN/A
Meridian Data HWN/A
Micom Home Page HWN/A
Microcom HWN/A
Micro Design International Inc. HWN/A
Micron Electronics HWN/A
Micropolis HWN/A
MicroTech HWN/A
MicroTek HWN/A
Microtest Home Page HWN/A
Midwest Micro HWN/A
Mitsubishi Electronics, America HWN/A
Motorola World Wide Web Server HWN/A
Music City WWW Send someone a musical card via the web
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The name starts with N
NaviService SVN/A
NEC Online HWN/A
Netis TechnologyHWN/A
Netmanage World Wide Web ServerSVN/A
Netrix HWN/A
Netscape SoftwareN/A
NetSpeak Corp.SVN/A
NetWorth Inc. HWN/A
Nokia Display ProductsHWN/A
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The name starts with O
Oki America Home Page HWN/A
Olicom Home Page HWN/A
Online boxing with some of your favorite people
Optical Access International HWN/A
Orchid TechnologyHWN/A
O'Reilly Home PageSVN/A
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The name starts with p
Pacific Data HWN/A
Packard Bell HWN/A
Panasonic HWN/A
PaperSoftware Inc.SVN/A
PC Webopedia A web based dictionary of computer termsON/A
Performance TechnologyHWN/A
Persoft Home Pages HWN/A
Pinnacle MicroHWN/A
Plexcom Inc. HWN/A
PNY Memory HWN/A
Polywell ComputersHWN/A
Power Computing Corporation HWN/A
Practical PeripheralsHWN/A
Princeton Graphics Systems HWN/A
Procom Technology HWN/A
Proteon Home Page HWN/A
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The name starts with Q
QMS, Inc. WWW Home Page HWN/A
Quantum Corp. WWW Server HWN/A
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The name starts with R
Reveal Computer Products HWN/A
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The name starts with S
Seagate Technologies Home Pages HWN/A
Sequent Computer Systems HWN/A
Shareware Junkies Shareware for download. Software is ratedSVN/A
Sharp Electronics HWN/A
Shiva Corp.HWN/A
Silicon Graphics' Silicon Surf HWN/A
Simple TechnologyHWN/A
SMC-Standard Microsystems Corp. HWN/A
Socket Communications, Inc. HWN/A
SoftQuad Inc.'s Welcome Page SVN/A
Sony Computer Products HWN/A
Spry Home Page SVN/A
Spyglass Home PageSVN/A
Stratus Computers HWN/A
Sun Microsystems Home Page HWN/A
Supra Communications HWN/A
Swan Technologies HWN/A
Symbol Technologies HWN/A
Syquest Technology Inc. HWN/A
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The name starts with T
Tadpole TechnologyHWN/A
Tandem Computers HWN/A
TDK Systems Home Page HWN/A
Tech ToolsSVN/A
Tech HelperSVN/A
Technically Elite, Inc. HWN/A
Technology Trade Show CalendarSVN/A
Tektronix.Inc. HWN/A
Telebit Corporation Home Page HWN/A
Terisa SystemsSVN/A
Texas Instruments HWN/A
Tip of the day on serveral programsON/A
Toshiba America Home Page HWN/A
TravRoute In Car Navigation SystemHW SW O NA
Truevision HWN/A
Turtle BeachHWN/A
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The name starts with U
Umax TechnologiesHWN/A
Unisys HWN/A
User Group RelationsSVNA
USRobotics Home Page HWN/A
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The name starts with V
Verilink Home PageHWN/A
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The name starts with W
WaveLAN ProductsHWN/A
Western Digital Corporation HWN/A
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The name starts with X
Xircom-Product Home Page HWN/A
Xylogics World Wide Web Server HWN/A
Xyplex HWN/A
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The name starts with Y
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The name starts with Z
Zoom Telephonics HWN/A
ZyXEL Home Page HWN/A
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Updated Tuesday, August 12, 1997N/A


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